Colourful Easter eggs

Easter Eggs

Who doesn’t love Easter?! It is a perfect balance of family time, great dinners, chocolate treats and it’s an extra long-weekend. It’s also a great way to welcome spring: trade our dark tablecloth to light and pastel colored ones, time to think about planting those seeds for the garden, and time to start saying goodbye to the snow and cold weather. All in all, Easter is synonym of a lot of re-birth, may you be thinking of the religious meaning of this holiday or not.

Another synonym of Easter for (I would say pretty much) everyone is eggs. May you think Easter egg hunt, chocolate shaped eggs, decorations made with eggshells, big brunch with the family, eggs are central to any Easter celebration.

Easter Egg Willow LifeThis year, I have decided to share with you two ways do dye your eggs using ingredients you likely have in your kitchen: coffee, turmeric, blueberries and raspberries. The idea is from Egg Farmers of Canada – I have tried and tested this way of dying eggs in the past and I just love it. It is natural and leaves more of a pastel, washed colour on the shell than if you use colour drops.

So today I will show you how to do eatable marbled eggs, and how to simply dye your eggshells. Ho and yes, this is totally something the kids will enjoy doing. Plus, you can call the marble eggs “dinosaur eggs” – they will love it.


Marble eggs (or dinosaur eggs)
The first step is to hard-boil your eggs like you would normally do. The technique I use is the same as Egg Farmers of Canada, which is to bring your eggs to a boil in a pot of water. Once it boils, take the pot off the heat, put the lid on, and let the egg sit for about 20 minutes. While your eggs are cooking, put two cups of raspberries or blueberries in a pot and add about 2 cups of water. In another pot, add 2 tablespoons of turmeric to 2 cups of water and bring to a boil as well. Let those pots boil for about 15 minutes, than transfer to separate bowl (you will want to strain your water to get rid of any solids). Let the water cool down. You could also make a batch of coffee and use that as a third colour.

Marcel Easter Eggs

Once your eggs are cooked, gently crack the shell by rolling your eggs on a flat surface. Be careful, you don’t want to take the shell off the egg; you simply want to create cracks everywhere. Place some eggs in the blueberry or raspberry water bowl, and the others in the turmeric water bowl. Let the eggs sit in the water for 45 minutes. All is left to do is to take off the shell from the egg and you have them: delicious and pretty marble eggs, ready to be served.

Colourful eggshell (for decoration)
Since you already have your bowl of natural dye, another way to use your eggs around Easter is to decorate them. The first step is to empty the shell: make a whole on each end of the shell and blow the egg out of the shell. Rinse your shells to make sure you get rid of any egg, and then put some in the blueberry or raspberry water, and the rest in tumeric or raspberry water. Let the eggs sit in water at least 30 minutes. The longer they sit in the water, the darker they get. You can also create different shade of blue or pink or yellow. Once you are happy with the colour, dry them using paper towel and use those eggs to decorate your dinning table or hang them in the house, asking your kid to help you out. Have fun!

Easter Eggs Willow Life

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