My favourite go-to sources for holiday recipes

It’s coming, friends: Christmas. My favourite question at this time of the year is to ask people if they are baking something special during the holidays. Some will happily share their favourite recipes and will even bring some samples to work or our next get-together so that we can have a taste of the treat. Some will admit they use their oven as a storage. And, sometimes, some people will admit they really want to do some baking and cooking this year but don’t really know any recipes or where to look.

This gave me the idea to share today some of my favourite websites, magazines or books for holiday recipes. In the hope that it will give you plenty of idea to get inspired in the kitchen in the next weeks!

Magazines_Sugar Coated Baking_Jacob Fergus_2

Ricardo Cuisine
I pretty much learned how to cook watching Ricardo on Radio-Canada. Ricardo has been on TV since 2002 and has been a steady source of inspiration. From easy to fancy, family meals to dinner for two, he has the recipe you will want to try. His Christmas page is awesome, providing us with many ideas to entertain, gift suggestions for the foodies, and delicious treats to do at home. Ricardo also recently launched a special edition on cookies, which of course I purchased and am looking forward to try.

LCBO magazines
When I moved to Ottawa in 2009, one of my favourite habit became to collect the LCBO magazines and try as many recipes I could. I am not lying: I love 99% of what I try in those magazines. I keep them all stacked in my kitchen and revisit each edition many times in a year. I especially love the holiday special as it is thick, full of recipes and drinks ideas, but also gifts recommendation, music to listen and advises to entertain. The recipes are designed for those who like spending time in the kitchen and like challenging themselves with new flavours and interesting twists on classics.

Magazines_Sugar Coated Baking_Jacob Fergus_1

Butter Baked Goods – the book
I got this book as a present from a close friend on my birthday two years ago. Since then, it has been one of my favourite recipe source. It is not a holiday book, but it has many recipe ideas that can be perfect for this time of year. The steps are easy to follow, the ingredients always easy to find and the pictures will make your mouth water. The recipes will remind you of what you would find in an old-fashion bakery and it will taste just as great when coming out of your oven. It’s a solid book – I have tried many recipes and haven’t been disappointed yet. It might also be the perfect gift for the home-cook in your life! Plus, I see a second book just came out, might want to add it to your Santa’s list.

Food Bloggers of Canada
I started making a list of blogs I follow but quickly realised I wouldn’t be able to give you a short list in one single post. But fear not! Food Bloggers of Canada is a great resource to find interesting blogs and recipes, but also to help you become a better blogger. With many articles on how to plan your content calendar to tips for food photography, the website is a useful resource. It also allows you to discover new holidays recipes and get to know bloggers from across Canada.

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