Designing a wedding dessert table

Wedding Dessert Table -

In late spring, a friend of a friend asked me if I could bake a cake for her wedding and design and set-up their dessert table. I thought about it, negotiated the very high-level details with the bride-to-be, put an agreement in place and that was it: my first contract to work on a wedding.

My full-time job is in public relations and my favourite part is managing the organization of events and being part of a dynamic group that shares one goal: making the best event possible. In the past years, I have also developed a keen interest in weddings: I love thinking of the organization and sometimes wonder if I will end up working in that field. Who knows …

The wedding was about 2 weeks ago. The cake I baked was, at the couple’s request, a lemon layered cake with lemon filling and lemon buttercream. It turned out to be a very vintage and rustic type of cake, which was great because buttercream is sometimes not as elegant as fondant, for example.

Wedding Dessert Table -

The theme of their wedding was books\literature and the desserts were 200 delicious doughnuts from Suzi Q in Ottawa. With that in mind, I started working on the concept a couple of months ago, imagining more of a rustic feel to the table: using a big wood table, a pale table runner, chalk boards, books underneath the stands, and possibly, famous quotes in old frames.

I like the concept of a dessert table. I find them very pretty and elegant, yet at the same time very practical. There is so much thought going into designing one: from the tones and colours, to the type of stands and the quantity of food, each detail has to be thought through carefully. I have been SO thankful for Pinterest in the last months and all the great ideas I was able to get from the beautiful pictures people post. I wanted this table to be perfect and for the future married couple to love it.

Wedding Dessert Table - SugarCoatedBaking.comWhen thinking that I was designing this table for someone’s wedding, I felt a lot of pressure. That is why I made sure to share some ideas with the couple in advance, met with the bride-to-be many weeks before the event and very carefully listened to what she was hoping for. I also made two different mini lemon cakes for them that I delivered to their house, asking them which one they would like to have at their wedding.

And you want to know what the best part was? It all turned out great! I managed to bake and decorate the cake in the morning, pick-up the doughnuts late-morning, bring all my decorations and food to the venue and put the dessert table together in the afternoon. As I looked at the final result, I felt very proud of what I had accomplished for my first wedding dessert table. And in the end, the married couple loved it, the cakes turned out delicious (or so they said) and overall the evening was a total success.

But here is what I learned: baking a wedding cake is way too stressful for me. I will leave it to professional from now on. It is way too much pressure! Designing the dessert table and assembling it: I would do again in a heartbeat. That was fun and incredibly rewarding. Even looking at the pictures now I feel proud of what I did. Fingers are crossed I will have the chance to do it again some day.

Wedding Dessert Table -

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