A taste of BC : Kelowna and Vancouver

Taste of BC
SummerHill Winery Bistro

For the past 6 days, Jacob and I have been traveling through British Colombia. This is the first part of our 3 week road trip across the North America. Actually, I should say that this is the first part for me, as Jacob had left Ottawa over two weeks ago to drive to Kelowna through Canada while I flew to meet him there. For the next 2 weeks, we will be traveling along the Pacific coast and  then make our way back to Ottawa via the United States.

There is a lot I could say about our stay in Kelowna and Vancouver. But let’s start with some of the amazing food we had the chance to taste.


Taste of BC

The first restaurant Jacob and I tried was the Summerhill Pyramid Winery, named the Sunset Bistro. The view of the Okanagan Valley from the patio was incredible. The chef, Chef Jonas Stadtländer, interestingly enough, is from Toronto. I almost had a heart attack when I read that he had experience cooking under Gordon Ramsay.

We shared a plate of charcuterie with some delicious sparkling wine. Even if the plate was a little pricey for what was in it, the taste was right: delicious salmon mousse, prosciutto, duck sausage and some pickled veggies. My main dish was a mushroom risotto with some truffle oil and arugula in a white balsamic reduction, while Jacob picked the roasted wild moon pork loin. My risotto was good but the mushroom were a little overpowering. The loin, unfortunately, was a little overcooked but the spätzle that came with it was amazing. Overall, it was a 4/5.

Taste of BCTaste of BC





My delicious discovery was The Train Station Pub: absolutely delicious. We ordered some calamari as appetizers and they were perfect: the batter was crispy and flaky, seasoned well, and the calamari were tender.It came with a corn and black bean salsa on top which balanced the heat of the seasoning. It was just great. Our burgers (I picked the signature dish Bourbon BBQ Prime Rib Beef Burger while Jacob picked the Blue Cheese Prime Rib Beef Burger) were both out of this world. Fries were crispy and light. A must go on your next visit to Kelowna. This pub was a 5/5.

Taste of BC

Taste of BC







Special mention to the Mission Hill Winery where the catering Chef, Adam Vaughan, and executive winery Chef Chris Steward, prepared a meal that was out of this world for the group I was traveling with (I had to do some work while in Kelowna). The heritage beef served with warba potato, arugula and sage was melting in my mouth. It was so tender that I used a butter knife to cut through it. The winery was amazing, the view spectacular and the staff very welcoming. A must see when traveling the Okanagan Valley.  5/5.

Taste of BC

Taste of BCOur first stop in Vancouver was Granville Island. We arrived there a little tired, and very hungry! We found Edible Canada at the Market very attractive: its patio was large, the menu was healthy and sophisticated. I really like the fact that the restaurant grows some of its vegies and herbs in a bed along the patio. I ordered the Farmer’s Harvest which was a salad with in-season ingredients. It was served on a well-seasoned chickpea pure with some beets jam. It was probably the most delicious salad I’ve had this year. So fresh! Jacob picked the game burger with was a mix of bison and oxtail served with bacon jam (my favourite new jam in the world!) and some duck fat fries (crispy and delish). A little expensive, but definitively fresh and fulfilling. 4.5/5

Vancouver was a lot of hit and miss. We had nachos in an Irish Pub that was pretty much a tourist trap, had some fish and chips in Stanley Park that had more oily batter than fish, and breakfast croissants that tasted undercooked.

But our last dinner in Vancouver was a definite success. We went to The Greek by Anatoli and it was fantastic. The restaurant had been recommended to me by a colleague from Toronto and it was spot on. Jacob and I left the restaurant feeling happy, very full and a little drunk. The perfect combination to say goodbye to Canada and to head to a foodies paradise: Portland. 5/5

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