Kinfolk Table Almond Sugar Cookies

Almond cookies

Yesterday I tried a new cookie recipe. But before I tell you about the cookies themselves, I have to talk about the book they came from.

In December I received what I believe to be the most amazing recipe book I ever got. In 2013, Canadian Nathan Williams created the book The Kinfolk Table featuring recipes for small gatherings. With the help of Rebecca Parker Payne, he met with photographers, editors, musicians, businesses owners, bloggers, and home-cooks from all over the world and assembled all their favourite recipes in one book.

The pictures, taken by Parker Fitzgerald and Leo Patrone are stunning – absolutely beautiful. The stories behind the recipes are interesting as they give value to the book and they make you wish you could spend an evening at some of these tables. There is something about this book that reminds me how baking and cooking is about sharing, tasting, remembering, and gathering.

So I had to make a point to tell you to get the book if you don’t already have it.

Yesterday I decided to try one the recipes listed in The Kinfolk Table and I stumbled on Vera Williams’ Almond Sugar Cookies, Nathan Williams’ mother.

The cookies were easy to do, yet needed my full attention. I will not share this recipe on the blog since I really want you to go buy the book, but Jacob and I had quite a good time taking pictures of the cookies. Some are topped with a thin layer of cream-cheese icing, some stayed without the delicate frosting.

Almond cookies2

They are the perfect “cookie-gift”, the perfect side to a cup of tea and a wonderful late-night snack. I loved every single bite. Hopefully you will get a chance to try them for yourself!

Almond cookies3

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